Property management for flat owners

Long term apartment leasing and maintenance services – safe and hassle-free return on your investment

When you made the decision to invest in the Czech real estate, you chose stability, security, and a solid long-term return on investment over riskier, more volatile markets. So, the last thing you want to worry about, particularly if you are an overseas investor, is about the security, upkeep, leasing and tenant management in your apartment.

Conbiz Management takes care of all that for you – letting you to lay back, relax, and enjoy the revenue flow.

As property managers we are your representatives when dealing with your tenants. We speak their language, we share their culture, and we will provide them with greeting, check-in, orientation, and when the time comes, an orderly termination and handover of the lease. We will also take care of the sensitive issue of collecting security deposits and refunding them at termination of the lease – assuming the inventory checks out and there is no property damages. We are fully up to date with the Czech laws governing landlord – tenant relationships – but also with the cultural assumptions of tenants.  This enables us to confidentially represent your interests and smooth over any tenant related complications you might encounter, and, in the unlikely event that no accommodation can be achieved we will also handle eviction proceedings of tenants fail to comply with their rental contract, including payment with the same confidence and meticulous attention to detail. 

But we are much more than rental agents who keep your property occupied. In addition to marketing your property, performing any necessary background checks and screenings for potential tenants, Conbiz Management will handle your utility bills, deal with the building/homeowner association, handle insurance, and provide you with periodic statements which you can present to your accountant. We can also help you with your property tax. We will also maintain and repair your apartment, to maximize rent sales price appreciation over time. While it may be many years, even decades, before you sell your investment off, we will make sure when you do it will be in top condition – and get you top prices.