Pre-purchase property assessment

Conbiz Management uses top professionals to assess the property of your choice in a final step that you are getting everything you are paying for before you purchase it. Without doing so, once you settle the price and are handed over the keys to the property, it will be too late to renegotiate the sale price so this must be done before purchasing the property.

Also keep in mind, that once you buy the property and get it insured, the insurance won’t cover you for pre-existing problems. Another reason to have the property of your choice go through a pre-purchase property assessment.

Before dipping into your life savings to purchase your house or flat it is important and highly recommended to have the property thoroughly assessed by professionals to ensure that your dream house doesn’t turn into a nightmare. The benefits of investing in this kind of assessment will ultimately save you money and heartache and provide you with a sense of confidence that you will not be caught off guard once you purchase the property.

This rule of thumb applies to any real estate purchase you make whether it is for investment purposes, office space, or a comfortable home for your family.

 When looking to purchase a property, an untrained eye may be captivated by the freshly painted walls, the size of the rooms, the sun filled areas and the number of bathrooms. These external factors can be misleading. Properties can have unseen maintenance requirements or defects that you’re not aware of and that would only be detected by a professional who will open your eyes to hidden flaws and unforeseen  expenses.

Some examples of property defects that an untrained eye would not necessarily pick up can be faulty old wiring, dampness, old plumbing, or leaky roof.

In addition, a pre-purchase property assessment can serve as a bargaining chip. You might be able to negotiate the sale price down or at the very least have detected defects repaired or have the amount for repair deducted from the sale before you put down any money.